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LIVE Motivation & Marketing Masterclass

With MindBodyBronx



Do You Want To:

Tap into HD motivation so you can powerfully wield it to your advantage?

Align to your body’s natural rhythm, and make marketing your business effortless and fulfilling?

Cut through the confusion on how to connect with your target audience?

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Being a business owner is tough.

And knowing how to market it successfully can be a mystery at the absolute best of times.

The reality is, in the beginning, you are the sole force behind your dream. 


You don’t have the big budget to blow on elaborate business schemes or a team of trained professionals with Ivy League degrees. All your spare money goes into stock, website fees, and licensing. The rest you gotta make ends meet with. 


You’re in the Facebook groups pushing your product. You’re offering deals in your IG caption with a smidge of success. 


You plug your website under hundreds of tweets, network with other small biz owners in your niche, and pray that word-of-mouth will pull in sales. 


Day in and day out you slave away countless hours to Make. This. Happen. 


But the results are nowhere near what you hoped. 


Honestly? The process leaves you frustrated, exhausted, and feeling like something isn’t quite right. Promoting yourself in a way that feels genuine AND hits your financial goals can seem completely impossible. 

I get it.  


 I’ve forced the cookie-cutter marketing methods, even when they felt off. 

The promos, plugging, and sales pitch tactics. The insisting that you NEED my services. 


Anytime I ramped up the marketing and gave it my all, the curiosity was there, but the purchases I’d hoped for were not.  I constantly got stuck on how to convert interest into sales. I even mimicked others’ techniques, only for them to fall completely flat. 


Why, though? Isn’t this the right way to do it? 

It works for everyone else—Why not me? What’s the secret I’m missing here? 


Or… Am I simply not cut out to run a business? 


YES! I promise you are, but I’ll tell you what the problem is: 


It isn’t authentic to your natural energy as a person.  It feels unnatural because… it kind of is. Your strategy doesn’t work because it’s not how you're designed to operate.


But imagine if there was a way to market your business that is natural...


 ... A method that makes self-promotion effective, easy, and exciting. 


It feels genuine. It aligns with who you are. 

You don’t have to force it to happen, it’s intrinsic to you.


How could your business shift when you harness the formula already inside you? A formula you can tap into right now? 


That formula?  Motivation.


What exactly is Motivation though?

If you have  heard of human design, you have heard of strategy and authority. 


They’re the most crucial foundation blocks of Human Design, but to quickly recap: 


  • Strategy is how your unique energy interacts with the world

  • Authority is your inner decision-making compass.

When you correctly harness the combo, you claim the organic flow of your body and make the right decisions for YOU.


But motivation? Motivation is the force that drives your actions. It’s the undercurrent of our strategy and authority, and it clarifies why we gravitate towards the things we do. It naturally comes into play when we are living in our design correctly.


It all clicked when I found out my motivation style. 


I realized my original approach was completely working against me. The traditional in-your-face technique was the total opposite of my energy. I connected the dots about my previous success, and discovered my marketing wins were directly aligned with my motivation. 


So I decided to be more intentional—and I saw a shift.

When channeled correctly, motivation can clear the blocks to successful business promotion.

In a 90-120 minute virtual Q&A class with ME you’ll gain:

 ★ An in-depth LIVE lesson on all six motivation styles so you can correctly understand when you’re in alignment AND how it feels to work against your motivation. 

Direct insights from me on my motivation journey and how it’s made business promotion easier to deal with day-to-day. 

An opportunity to receive instant answers to your questions and clear up your confusion in real-time.

Connection with like-minded individuals who can empathize with your struggle.


A post-class recording emailed to you so you can fully engage in the class and tap into the information FOREVER.

Keyonna C

Bronx’s Human Design course is very informative! it’s packed with in-depth details & particulars, when properly applied you’ll see results! Everything was broken down and explained very clearly and concisely, it is a lot of information to retain but it’s all worth it! I would definitely recommend it!!! thank you so much Bronx! 

Danny J

Bronx is a genuine soul and so gifted in their abilities. Love and blessings to them. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them and their services to everyone I meet.


Among many other reasons for why I follow Bronx was the Human Design workshop! This workshop was and still will continue to be a great resource for me to continue to go back on what we’ve learned. We like that there were videos and the document with the information because that helped me piece information together about my gates and profile lines my energy type and so on. I’m so appreciative of their hard work ! Their teaching style is very conducive to picking up information if you’re a kinesthetic or visual learner. Ty again Bronx for your time , hardwork and attention. You’re a gem ❤️

Purple Abstract
I’m so excited to share these game-changing insights with you and help connect the dots between your Human Design and business! 




 Ready to channel the power of your motivation and make marketing trouble-free?





Get your questions ready!
I can’t wait to see you beautiful people in class 🎓❤️

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